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Re: New Book about TOS: These Are The Voyages

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Just got to the middle of the book, where there's a chapter on the confusion that was going on just before the series premiered. 11 eps in the can, no special effects ready yet, The Blacks leaving, Grace Lee Whitney's troubles, episodes being finished out of order, Anderson's meltdown and the scramble to find new effects houses 3 weeks before premier, trying to figure out what ep to air first... Holy crap, what a hot mess that was!!!!
No kidding. It was amazing to read that after all those months, the Anderson's only had a couple minutes of useable footage to show (and wow, most of the effects were shot stop motion-style? Had no idea). And the effects supervisor was obviously not paying ANY attention whatsoever to what they were doing over there, which seems almost criminal.

Although I have to say, given all the turmoil the book describes, it's always amazing to rewatch certain episodes again and see just how smooth and confident the final product almost always ended up being-- especially compared to the first two seasons of TNG, where they were also having behind the scenes problems and many eps come across as poorly written or slapped together as a result.
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