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Re: TrekMOVIE Is Broken

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We haven't had a true, spiritual successor to TOS until Abrams came along. Nothing that came after TOS managed to capture the verve and sheer enthusiasm of that series: the life-and-death stakes mixed with just the right measure of irreverence. If I were to sit down fresh and watch TOS with new eyes, then the succeeding films and television shows, there would be no question:

Abrams got it right.
What he said.

Before STID, I'd have said TVH captured the spirit of TOS the best. Our heroes are on a very serious mission with very grave consequences, and yet there's a certain absurdity to it and they seem to be having fun along the way. Come on. Who's to take it too seriously? The great Captain Kirk and Spock going to Sausalito on a public bus looking for whales? Priceless. "What does it mean, exact change?"
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