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Re: Was the Enterprise A actually the Yorktown?

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“Relics” (TNG)

Here we have the pivotal scene where Scotty wants the Enterprise-D’s computer to recreate the command bridge of Kirk’s TOS Enterprise. Picard, like Scotty before him, enters through the viewscreen, chats with Scotty, has a quick look around and says “Constitution Class”.

There are several noticeable differences that tell me that this is not the bridge of the old USS Enterprise but in addition to this one could of course be the bridge of a starship of the 16th design series or Constitution Class. A layman couldn’t tell the difference so Picard merely mistakes the bridge of a Constitution Class starship with the one of a [Enterprise] Starship Class.

Where it gets interesting is Scotty’s reaction “Aye. You're familiar with them?”
This is just plain insane. It is utterly, completely absurd to claim that the bridge from Relics is not the Enterprise bridge. To anyone who isn't going over pictures of the set with a microscope to point out how they didn't perfectly replicate it for one scene in one episode, it looks identical to the TOS bridge. Meanwhile, you suppose that Scotty, Picard, and the Ent-D computer all completely mistook the bridge for that of another starship class entirely. How do you explain the fact that the holodeck, which presumably has access to Starfleet visual records, came up with the wrong ship?

“Trials and Tribble-ations” (DS9)
Hey, Dax and Sisko are only Starfleet officers getting ready to go aboard the most famous ship in history, on a vital secret mission. I'm sure they didn't check the deck numbering at all. It's not like Dax didn't live through that time period or anything. Oh, wait, no. That again requires assuming the characters are complete idiots or that Starfleet somehow lost all records about the ship.

Sorry, but no amount of TNG-bashing on your part is going to change reality. Maybe the term was in flux back in the early TOS days, but at this point denying that it's what the ship's class is.
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