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Re: Blssdwlf's TOS and TOS Movie Era ships

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@Praetor - I'm going to use the original FX design for Mudd's ship. Since they (Mudd's and the Starfleet ship Pike was injured on) were both J-Class I might take a shot at making them the same look but one commercial looking and the other more Starfleet.

The Antares will probably be like the one seen in TOS-R or perhaps more like the TAS? version.
For the J, is that like this one? I guess the J was like the mid-23rd century version of the Oberth or the Raven type.

For the Antares, something about just adding that module on to the front of her for TOSR never sat right with me. Obviously the implication is "If you take a drone and add a habitat module, you get a starship." Which I guess is fine, it's just the result wasn't particularly elegant. There may be an opportunity here to elegant it up.

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Eh, there was "something" scribbled upon a napkin or other scrap piece of paper. It looked rather like the doodle made by a 4 year old suffering cataracts and drawn with his feet because his hands were tied behind his back. Spinrad admitted he was not an illustrator.
That was stated hilariously.
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