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Re: Star Trek: Starships Model/Magazine Subscription

Some of the prototype and preproduction shots coming out of Eaglemoss since the launch have been great, the Akira just makes me giddy, its been so long to see an official model/toy of this.

I'm a subscriber in the UK, so after Issue 1 I receive two at a time and my refit Ent and Bird of Prey arrived yesterday. At the moment you can still find these in the WHSmith chain, so I've picked up a few extra Refit Ents and Ent-D's while I can.

I love this collection, ok so the refit Ent was slightly disappointing compared with the D and the BOP. The issues over the next few months look fantastic, the NX-01, Defiant and Reliant all look fantastic.

I've been a serial ship collector since someone gave me a cheepy Ertl Ent-A from ST:V, like some other posters here I've got them all, Micromachines, model kits, Furuta, Rommando, Johnny Lightning. Hallmark, Corgi, Hot Wheels, AA/DST. To say this Eaglemoss collection has me excited is an understatement, to any fan who has literally bought whatever has been released (and sometimes more often than not struggled to get stuff in the UK even via eBay), this collection is a massive deal. We're going to see ship designs never seen before.

If they can do the full run of Starfleets on screen ships (with perhaps the exception of a few of the frankenfleet ships from the DW) I'll be very happy.
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