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As blasphemous as this may sound it could be something to see TAS re-animated. I don't mean with cgi a la Star Wars: Clone Wars. I mean very much in the original style with proper fluid animation where characters and ships and things actual move properly and with far, far fewer static shots. A lot of TAS as is comes off as something like a comic book with sound because there's so little actual.movement.

Oh, and correct the pink Kzinti ships and pink suits.
That's largely what I would like to see. Animation still isn't exactly cheap or quick, but with a good studio backing the project they could make something a lot more impressive.

And the static-ness of so many shots is very offputting. What I find hilarious is the far more limited range of stock footage of the Enterprise than the live action series had.
I would love to see a new Trek animated series done with current animation technology. I could also go with reanimating the original, as long as the originals were included as well, like the TOS blue rays did.
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