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Re: What Happens After Death

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Those who say there's nothing after death, aren't you a little bit puzzled by what happens to your perception of nothing? You suddenly cease to exist, how's that going to be? It's paradoxical. How can you experience non-existence? Or how can you not experience existence?

I think that paradox is the basis for any belief in a life after death.
I think it's just because people can't fathom it.

You experience "not existing" before birth simply because you do not exist in the physical world yet.

You also experience a lapse in waking consciousness while sleeping or in a coma. You might be "alive" while sleeping, but what also can occur is closing your eyes and waking up 8 hours later and the entire experience may have felt as though it only lasted for one minute.
But that's you again reflecting upon your unconsciousness when you are conscious. And you do dream while sleeping or in a coma, you just forget about it later on.
Yes, I know that. You don't constantly dream though. Mainly in REM sleep.

Either way, if there is lapse in consciousness and you cannot recall what happened in those moments or hours, then in essence it would seem as though...for a experienced what would appear to be nothingness.

I wasn't talking about what it IS, I was talking about what it seems like to the person.
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