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Re: 50th Is "The Day Of The Doctor" (And Is 75 Minutes)

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90 minutes for 5 Doctors vs 75 minutes for 2 Doctors?
The Two Doctors was actually 135 minutes! The Three Doctors (but basically had 2 Doctors) was 100 minutes.

Mr Awe
That was my initial instinct too, but, I believe when Starkers says "...75 minutes for 2 Doctors", he's referring to Smith and Tennant in The 50th (No Troughton/C. Baker in The Two Doctors)
That may well be the case (Starkers' intent) but the comparisons to the other stories that mainly feature 2 doctors is still legit.

Shoot, even the TV movie (notably referred to as a movie and features 2 Doctors) is 89 minutes.

I'm set to enjoy the special and, as I've said, if it's a good story, I'm sure the running time will not be an issue!

Mr Awe
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