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Re: Orci strikes back

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I am getting sick and tired of these big budget dumb movies made for the lowest common denominator. Especially when movies like The Dark Knight, and Skyfall, have shown that not only do smart big budget movies do well, they do the best.
I hated The Dark Knight and loved Skyfall. I found The Dark Knight dull and plodding. I loved Skyfall, but found that lots of hardcore Bond fans were leveling the same charges at it that hardcore Trekkies were lobbing at Star Trek Into Darkness. Imagine that?

Yorkshire Niner wrote: View Post
We need to have a Trekkie Civil War to sort this out!

All the fans who like intelligent, well-made, well-written, long running TV shows (with the occasional fun film) and aren't prepared to completely forget about TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT on one side.

And fans who like massive action sequences, CGI special effects and a 'modern' remake of a 1960s TV series on the other.

Let battle commence!!!
This makes absolutely no sense.

iguana_tonante wrote: View Post
Or maybe we can just like what we like (and I like both the originals and the remake), and not piss on other people's cheerios.

Just a thought.
If there not pissing in others Cherrios then they can't be smug about supposedly how much smarter they are than the drooling masses.

Yorkshire Niner wrote: View Post

Jar Jar and Paramount didn't have to remake TOS when they decided to make more Trek films. That was their choice. And they chose to throw out decades of continuity, purely because it was easier to do so.
Because Modern Trek had ran its course. When you have three failures back-to-back-to-back, it tends to make the studio leery of investing money. Plus, of all the series, we saw Kirk and Spock the least in live-action and they are Trek's cultural icons. It was time to go home.

Surely you aren't serious in thinking that Jar Jar is attempting to imitate and modernise TOS with his films? He's just borrowing all the bankable assets!
Please don't tell me what I'm thinking. Please actually use the man's name who made the movies. You talk about civil wars and it seems you're the one trying to start them. I'm anxiously awaiting my Into Darkness Blu-ray to arrive plus I've been purchasing the TNG Blu-ray's as they've been released. So which side of this moronic civil war does that put me on?
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