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Re: Orci strikes back

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We need to have a Trekkie Civil War to sort this out!

All the fans who like intelligent, well-made, well-written, long running TV shows (with the occasional fun film) and aren't prepared to completely forget about TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT on one side.

And fans who like massive action sequences, CGI special effects and a 'modern' remake of a 1960s TV series on the other.

Let battle commence!!!
Um... okay, so where do I fit in? I don't care for big dumb Hollywood action flix, but I'm just fine with forgetting about the Trek spinoiffs (I'm quite happy to forget VOY and ENT).

The conflict is slightly more nuanced than your generalizations allow.
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And now The Hollywood Reporter chimes in with their own take:

Why 'Star Trek' Fans Are Wrong and Roberto Orci Is Right (Opinion)

Paramount's sequel has been dismissed by purists as crass, corny and catering to the lowest common denominator; but are the new films a lot closer to the original sci-fi series than most fans are willing to admit?
I like how this turns out as a producers vs fans battle. And the fans are wrong if they don't like it. Holy crap.

The gist of the article basically is: if you want TOS movie level and TNG series level of quality, Abramstrek isn't made for you, and you are wrong for criticizing it because of that.
It's mirroring one popular defense of the new movies: "Well, the original Star Trek wasn't that good either!" Um... okay. I agree the original Star Trek wasn't as good as I used to think it was. How exactly does that make the new movies good? The "TOS wasn't that good either" defense makes no sense. That means we have to accept mediocrity?

And I completely disagree with author's assessment of the films:
Abrams' movies aren't trying to use the original series as a point of departure -- they are using it as their primary template.
No, they're using standard Hollywood big budget action films as their primary template. A TOS episode started with a script. The new movies (and all modern action films, for that matter) start with the set pieces and then a story is built around the set pieces. Transformers is more the template for nuTrek than is TOS.
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Jar Jar and Paramount didn't have to remake TOS when they decided to make more Trek films. That was their choice. And they chose to throw out decades of continuity, purely because it was easier to do so.
Decades of continuity from Star Trek spinoffs, derivative series created by other people. It should be thrown out.

I don't care for Abrams Trek, but I'm all for future Trek reboots.
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