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Re: Orci strikes back

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We need to have a Trekkie Civil War to sort this out!

All the fans who like intelligent, well-made, well-written, long running TV shows (with the occasional fun film) and aren't prepared to completely forget about TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT on one side.

And fans who like massive action sequences, CGI special effects and a 'modern' remake of a 1960s TV series on the other.

Let battle commence!!!
You've just completely made your criteria irrelevant. This is a TOS remake, so you can't consider TNG, DS9, VOY, and ENT, because they aren't TOS and therefore not what the movies are attempting to capture.

Would you criticize a Vietnam War movie, for not showing the March To Baghdad, complete with such US Domination the enemy soldiers were laying down their arms and surrendering with barely a fight, but, instead showed no US domination, and hundreds of US Soldiers dying to gain to advance the front line only 10 feet (Or having to fall back and still losing hundreds of soldiers). Or would you criticize this Vietnam War movie, for not using patriot missiles? Brining in TNG Era TV show criteria to judge a TOS remake by is no different.
Jar Jar and Paramount didn't have to remake TOS when they decided to make more Trek films. That was their choice. And they chose to throw out decades of continuity, purely because it was easier to do so.

Surely you aren't serious in thinking that Jar Jar is attempting to imitate and modernise TOS with his films? He's just borrowing all the bankable assets!
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