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In-universe books you'd like to read

We've gotten to read a couple of in-universe Trek books before, like The Final Reflection, Strangers From the Sky or even the old Star Fleet Technical Manual, but many more have been mentioned. Which do you wish you could read?

Top of my list is one that's come up here before, the memoirs of James T. Kirk and Ambassador Spock, mentioned a few times in Peter David's New Frontier series. Such books would be fascinating. Unless all of TOS is declassified by the 24th century (which I seriously doubt) I imagine these memoirs would necessarily be incomplete. Would Kirk still write about Edith Keeler, somehow skirting around how he got to 1930's Earth? Or ignore her altogether? Would names (that we the viewers know) be switched around to protect some people, as frequently happens in such real-life books? Would Spock's memoirs be a dry, detailed tome or an insight into his human/vulcan turmoil? Was his death and resurrection ever made common knowledge?

Other books or even academic papers I've read mentions of and wish I could read more are:

An Analysis of the Five-Year Missions by Admiral Glynis Kestall Tabor (Prime Directive) - It'd be nice to get the bigger picture, and learn the impact and fallout from what was learned by the Enteprise and her sister ships during The Original Series. Although perhaps this is covered in Federation: The First 150 Years?

Encyclopedia of Spaceflight, by R. April and S. April (various FASA publications) - what would the Star Trek Encyclopedia be like if it were based on the universe of the Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology and FASA's RPG booklets?
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