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Re: why no 'Star Trek vs Aliens' comic series?

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they’ve done Alien vs. just about everything in comics (Predator, Terminator, Superman, Batman, Tarzan, Judge Dredd, etc ) but a Trek v Aliens comic would make a great deal more sense than most

a comic artist has made a few panels here of what it could be like:

those panels look awesome and im sure im not the only one whod love to see a full length comic series/graphic novel.
I would love to see this happen. As you said the Aliens and Predators have had versus books with just about everyone else and I've enjoyed most of those. So a Trek crossover sounds great to me.
I would, too. Just looking at the draft comic pages gives me the willies and I love it. To see a complete story line fleshed out, coloured, and with text would be incredible and I also think it would sell well.
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