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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

Okay... here's the third/final part of that "roundtable" discussion on the merits/demerits of OitNB.

And for those clueless people like me... here's what I found when I searched "dudebro"...

I personally prefer this answer from the forum (Sept 12, 2012) discussing "what are'dudebro' games."

Never heard the term 'dudebro' before until you mentioned it.
I'm guessing it's another poor use of English to stereotype people into a demographic or an insult without substance that people can bleat in unison without understanding.

Why bring this up? Well, to simply say that ending a "serious" discussion on the media's effect on the prison industrial complex, women of color, women of minority sexual viewpoints (Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transgenders) with such a demeaning insult to a major character throughout the series just because he's male smacks to me as the same prejudice that these women are supposedly fighting against when they rally for their causes.

Sady: If we have learned nothing from discussing “Orange is the New Black” for one day and over 8,000 words, it is that all OITNB opinions can be united on one point: Nobody, anywhere, ever, will ever care about Larry. I think that's a valuable lesson for us all.

Piper cares about Larry.

The valuable lesson in all of this, is to ask yourself "why".

Just like its valuable to ask why many of us "prefer" Alex, even though we know she is "a manipulative liar"... someone who stood in front of Piper way back in (?) the third episode, proclaiming she'd done a lot of bad things in her life, but lying TO PIPER wasn't one of them.

Alex IS the quintessential "bad BOY" that women gravitate towards, the one who women simultaneously are titillated by, and who women want to "save"/change.

Alex and Piper make me think of that old line about the different goals partners have after marriage... the Men (Alex) think their partner will NEVER change, and the Women (Piper) think they WILL be able to change their partner. (Shades of Janeway in "Fairhaven", when she made Michael taller, more intellectually stimulating AND single! "Delete the wife")

What surprises me the most (?) about this roundtable is the inability of this roundtable to see that in many ways Alex is "just" another "man" controlling Piper.

But we care about Alex, certainly more than we care about Larry.


Because we are following our preprogrammed tendencies to try and save her?


Or maybe because this "bad boy" does something most bad "boys" in the media don't do.

Alex forces Piper to face her fears her feelings AND she's not afraid to TALK about her own.

In the end... this bad "boy" is SUCHa "girl"!

Even to the stereotypic acting out to hurt her rival and her lover when she's been grievously injured.

(Enjoy the clip while you can, Lionsgate is shutting them down)

Here's a blurb from "Mama Diaz"...

Oh my... Orange has made a comeback?

And here is Daughter Diaz at fashion week:

And more Laverne Cox:

Oh. Let's not forget "Larry"... even if the Roundtable wants to do so.

Good heavens, I can't end the post with Jason "edging"... how about with Susan Fischer?

I like when the broccoli plays the carrots like a guitar.

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