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Re: TF: Revelation and Dust by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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"Books ought to be self-contained" is a statement of objective creative obligations. It uses imperative language that establishes requirements rather than acknowledging diverse creative tastes and goals. If you had said, "I prefer books that are self-contained," your argument would have been more fair.
I think you're doing a good job of splitting hairs here, arguing with the reviewer's language rather than the substance of the review. Considering this is a review thread, I would think it implied that my review is subjective, no?

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You claimed there were no character arcs in this book. I cited several. You then shifted the goalposts by moving from claiming that there were no character arcs to claiming that there wasn't enough resolution.
I stand by my assertion that what you cited were not character arcs. They were the novelization equivalent of screen-time, but there was no arc. An arc involves moving the characters in some manner, if not physically, then emotionally, philosophically, etc. None of the characters in this book did so, save Keev, whose B-Plot I've previously noted was the only part of this book I didn't have a problem with. (Save that it started slowly and was basically unconnected to the rest of the book, but that could be blamed on the rest of the book being so poor.)

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False. The very first blurb announcing The Fall identified Revelation and Dust as the first part of an interconnected mini-series.
Perhaps it did, but my book doesn't identify itself as an incomplete story, requiring other purchases for fulfillment. And now that I look, my booksellers don't list it as such, either. Of course, as a veteran reader of TrekLit, I realize that "The Fall" means it's part of a connected series, just as others before have been. But I still expect a complete story arc each book. As I said in my original review, never before have I felt so cheated by a Trek book. Through all the mini-series that have gone before, at least each book had its own arc.

I think it obviously comes down to our philosophical differences on what a book should be. I believe that each book, no matter the genre, should stand on its own. That's how they get reviewed, so that's how I review them. This book relies on the reader to go out and buy another book to pick up almost every story thread it started. Perhaps this is a decision made by the publisher, I don't know. But it's a lousy decision, and so is the book.
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