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Re: Technological Stagnation

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Stagnated? Don't think so.

Look at the world in 1900. Now look at the world in 2000. Think we did pretty well in the technological/scientific progress game, don't you? I'm gonna guess that 2100 is going to look just as alien to us as 2000 would to someone from 1900.
Yes there has been many discoveries and advances between 1900 and 2000, but in the latter part of the 20th century nothing much new came about, and since then, for pretty much all the 21st century, what has there been that's been of any significance? it's all just "updates" on existing technology from the 20th century.

I'm talking about new technology. Breakthroughs. Something like the discovery of the wheel or the successful test flight of the first plane. There isn't anything new, it's all just current technology getting a little better.
You're talking like incremental technological improvements are unusual rather than typical. Huge breakthroughs don't happen all the time and they never did. They're infrequent and occasional and depend on a lot of factors.

Your original post said that we've "stagnated." Now you're saying we're improving, just slowly.

If you don't believe there's any interesting research and development going on, google the following:

* Nanomedicine
* Graphene
* Quantum computing
* Photonics
* Genomics
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