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Re: Orci strikes back

I'm quoting from the article:

Fans tend to view the original series through lenses colored by the subsequent film series and the later TV programs, especially Star Trek: The Next Generation, where the films had a higher quality of writing and attention to character arcs.
I totally disagree.

I don't see TOS and dismiss its shortcomings because of the 'great' writing and brilliant characters arcs of TNG. Because TNG has more of GRs 'vision'. Wasn't GR only really involved in Season 1 and 2 of TNG. Did the reviewer ever see Season 1 and 2 of TNG? Perhaps he is seeing the great writing and character arcs of TNG through his own rose coloured glasses.


Likewise, the later TV shows were much more in line with creator Gene Roddenberry's intentions to create a smarter sort of sci-fi show that touched on moral issues and social themes every week
Yes TOS was just shoot-em-ups every week. No social commentary or moral issues ever came up.
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