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Re: Was the Enterprise A actually the Yorktown?

@ Albertese & Avro Arrow

Is there any good reason to assume that the starship status chart from "Court Martial" only shows starships being repaired in orbit of the starbase?

NCC-1831 (formerly assumed to be Intrepid) is almost done, so why pull the repair crew off to start work on the Enterprise?

For all we know this is just the general Starfleet chart to indicate all starships that are still in need to receive essential upgrades.

Commodore Stone may be well aware of Intrepid's condition but a look at the "upgrade" chart tells him Enterprise badly needs these in addition to the repair work following the severe "ion storm".

I don't believe Mike Okuda was making a conscious decision showing Intrepid as NCC-1631 in TOS-R, but the moment he did he accidentally gave this starship status chart a different and, IMHO, better meaning.

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