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Re: Star Trek vs Aliens

thanks. yes i shouldve included Rand in there somewhere. maybe she shouldve been like Ripley and been the sole survivor

included some original series motifs in there to make it seem like a typical episode - e.g. red shirt death (every other episode), Spock and Bones being given the task of trying to solve the problem (as Kirk often put them both to work - Operation Annihilate, Immunity Syndrome, Deadly Years etc), Kirks ripped shirt (every other fight), Kirk putting ship on destruct (Let The Be Your Last Battlefield, Star Trek III), spocks vulcan physiology saving his life (Operation Annihilate, The Apple), kirk sacrificing himself at the end for his friends/ship (Obsession, Doomsday Machine, Star Trek V), Kirk going mano e mano with the main villain as the fate of his ship/crew hangs in the balance (Court Martial, Arena, Space Seed, Star Trek III, etc), kirk in a spacesuit running out of air getting saved by spock (Tholian Web), dealing with problem on planets surface/destroying vessel on planet (Operation Annihilate/Alternative Factor), kirk spock bones pontificating/moralising on the bridge at the epilogue (every other ep)

also putting in the typical Alien/s motifs and plot devices - the plot would be similar to Alien/Aliens (& First Contact - which was basically Star Treks version of Aliens). Obviously the way the xeno gets aboard is similar to Alien, the way it would create more would be like what was happening with Dallas and Brett in the Alien Directors Cut, Spock being captured Newt/Data style resulting in the end finale with the lead character going back to rescue and facing off against the Alien/alien queen and using the airlock to blast it out…and obviously the epilogue is a nod to Prometheus

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