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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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What advantages are there to getting a lifetime membership vs. subbing for a month or two? Are the veteran perks worth it over the gold perks? I can get a lot of zen for two or three hundred dollars. I can (and have) read the list myself, but I know a couple of you are LTS people, and can tell me what you really think.
All LTS will bring you really is 400 Zen a month, that's about it really, most of the other perks are worthless and not really worth spending all that money to get at now the game is FTP.

What you can only get with a LTS.

Paying for a gold for say one month nets you a few those perks..

So unless you really need that borg charactor, and can't live without having your name in blue on the STO forums, gold for a month will net you 400 zen, 2 extra slots, which will stay open even when you stop the sub, and you can run around the desolate and deserted Captains table for a month.

The minute it went FTP everybody became i lifetime sub anyway in a round about way.

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