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Re: Kate and Robert together at Vegas

HoneyBLilly wrote: View Post
The whole cast is yummy

I'm not even physically attracted to Benedict Cumberbatch and he's yummy, his voice is so beautiful I could die.

ETA: i read "yummy" instead of "scrummy" I must be tired
I'm pretty sure they mean the same thing. And I am probably one of the few quite repulsed by Cumberbatch's looks, couldn't even watch Sherlock because of initial overwhelming repulsion.

Pine is looking pretty great in ST:XII though.. older, hunkier..

Lighthammer wrote: View Post
Avery Brooks on the other hand, while not overtly fat, is obviously gaining a few pounds; certainly not to the extreme of Shanter and Mulgrew, but its noticeable.
When I saw him a couple years ago he was downright scrawny.
Clearly, if you threw all 5 captains on a Tough Mudder course, Patrick Stewart would easily win it, Scott might pull through and Shanter would easily die after a few steps

But no one notice who was winning because Shatner would die so dramatically he would steal all the limelight.
I entertain myself thinking how well Mulgrew or Brooks would do against each other.
In battle? In bed? In..?

Oh or are you talking purely scales.

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