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Re: Yesterday's Enterprise: How is the Federation Losing So Badly?

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You need to re-check your numbers. Other than a minor bump in Destroyers and tripling of Mine Warfare ships, we have FEWER ships as stated before
But more of the SAME TYPE, as stated before.
You're making basically the same error Congress made in the 60s with the "cruiser gap" panic. You're counting numbers and types and are paying no attention whatsoever to the capabilities those types bring to the table. By that same logic we could easily address the problem by reclassifying the littoral combat ships as "guided missile cruisers" for no reason. Sure, they're not proper cruisers at all and wouldn't last three seconds in any real naval battle, but we're just talking NUMBERS, right?
If we total only Cruisers, Destroyers and Frigates the count is still 1991: 187, 2001: 115, 2005: 99, 2011: 109.

No matter how you try to spin which class or type is what, the simple fact is that from 1991 to 2005 there are HALF as many Cruisers, Destroyers and Frigates (combined total).

Submarines went from 87 in 1991 to 54 in 2005.

And if you read my argument, its to maintain the same number of ships while keeping pace with technology.

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Spock speaks of starbases and space stations while the Military Aide asks about the whole Starfleet to clarify. The answer is more broad...
Unlikely. The original script has the CnC finishing that statement with "... but the facts speak for themselves, Captain." This is a rebuke, not an explanation: "Stupid question is stupid."
Unlikely because it's not in the filmed movie. As filmed, the Military Aide asks about Starfleet, NOT JUST the starbases and spacestations - unless you think Starfleet is just only starbases and spacestations.

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and it tells us that only the Science and Exploration programs will be unaffected
Which is, at this point, about 95% of the fleet. About the only thing it explicitly
Or at that point only 40% of the fleet is for exploration and science because the other 60% of the military has been keeping the Klingons in check. Of course we're both guessing since there are no stats about the percentages.
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