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Re: Was the Enterprise A actually the Yorktown?

Robert Comsol wrote: View Post
This is (correct) evidence that NCC-1701-A is a Constitution Class Starship and thatís what we clearly saw in ST VI. (but whatís up with these red marks Scotty put on the blueprint?)
Think about it... what does Scotty need with a outboard profile of his ship while conducting a search of the interior? As he has said himself, he knows this ship like the back of his hand. The pictures can't actually be helping with his search. And it's even on *paper*, no less. So the red marks are all over the page because... in this scene, Scotty is critiquing fan art of the Enterprise that someone has sent him! He just hasn't yet got to the part where he scratches out the title and writes in "the refit design is Enterprise class"... and he gets distracted by the air vent before he can get to it!

Albertese wrote: View Post
Actually, I'm more for rejecting Jein's numbers all together. I realize later day Trek went with them and enshrined many of them in the on-screen canon, but I'm willing to ignore such business.
Yeah, this is pretty much how I feel as well.

Albertese wrote: View Post
I won't bother preaching on behalf of FJ's Star Fleet Technical Manual, as I know many people here simply won't have it, but I always thought his registry numbers (especially for the Enterprise sister ships) seemed more sensible.
I like FJ's numbers as well, with a slight modification for Intrepid so that her number actually appears on the "Court Martial" chart. The only major sticking point for me is that darn 1017, which makes even less sense than Jein's 16xx numbers. That's why I tend to think that Constellation was an older, smaller ship that only superficially looked like the Constitution class. The old AMT model kit in the original version helped with this. Of course, TOS-R *didn't* help with this, but if I'm already ignoring the Jein registries used in TOS-R...

Albertese wrote: View Post
The way the Status Chart is played in "Court Martial" suggests that those ships are at the Starbase "now" and it always rubbed me the wrong way that nearly all the Enterprise sister ships would be there at once, being worked on.

Darkwing wrote: View Post
Albertese wrote: View Post
Actually, I'm more for rejecting Jein's numbers all together. I realize later day Trek went with them and enshrined many of them in the on-screen canon, but I'm willing to ignore such business.
I don't see a need for that at all. Just using what SOTSF gave us, with the refits, allows Jein's 16xx ships to be something Other-than-Connies that were remade into Connies.
From an in-universe perspective, why would Starfleet bother remaking these older ships to look like Constitution class ships, rather than just installing upgraded weapons/sensors/whatever into their existing spaceframes?

137th Gebirg wrote: View Post
Starship/Constitution/Enterprise Class - very close to the source. Anyone still not think that a couple of these things should be forceably decanonized like "Vulcanians"? Personally, I think "starship" should not ever be considered a class-name again, but rather a generic ship type, like "xxxx-class starship" is fine. We've heard this combination of words in relation to space-faring vessels for a much longer duration than "starship class" (a phrase which has never been voiced on-screen in dialog). Think about it - is anyone ever REALLY going to call the Enterprise a "Starship-Class Starship"? That's like calling today's Enterprise a "Carrier-Class Carrier"! Are we going to say that one piece of set dressing (original bridge plaque w/ "Starship Class") that was never meant to be seen that clearly is any more or less authoritative than another piece of set dressing (technical journal w/ "Constitution Class")? It's time to collectively kill "Starship Class" once and for all. It is a meaningless pairing of words. At least "Constitution Class" makes sense and, even though never spoken on-screen in TOS, it was spoken on screen (satisfying most people's definition of the word "canon") in relation to that specific type of vessel in TNG and beyond. Any confusion or debate about what class the TOS Enterprise belonged to should have evaporated with that.
I'm on board with this. "Starship Class" works much better as a generic type designator. Starfleet just went from using the generic type class on their plaques in the 2240s, to using the actual nominal class of the ship on their plaques by whenever the Defiant was commissioned.

137th Gebirg wrote: View Post
I kind of miss the old days of debating whether or not the refit was called a Connie or its own new "Enterprise Class" (based on the TWOK bridge simulator signage). I'm an "Enterprise-class" guy m'self.
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