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Re: STAR TREK the enemy of LOST IN SPACE?

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Oddly enough the big success was one of his less succesful series in Land of the Giants, perfect Sunday lunch viewing, had the advantage of being repeated around the time of the Beeb's big Burrowers adaptations (so little people were "cool") and the effects and giant props stood up surprisingly well by mid-90's standards. That was always the one that people at school seemed to watch and which got the best reaction.
"Land of the Giants" is one of my favourite shows.
I haven't seen it in years but I don't remember the special effects being especially bad (considering). My minds eyes say Star Treks were worse probably because they had to do more.
That was except for that giant grabbing hand which they used a lot. But that giant grabbing hand was so bad it was good, It was like an old friend I was looking out for each episode.

I thought the giant sized things were fun but I mainly liked the diverse group of characters they had for the show and the sort of totalitarian society of the 'giant' world.
The Spindrift was pretty cool too.
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