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Re: Yesterday's Enterprise: How is the Federation Losing So Badly?

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I'm going to start back again with numbers.

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Second, US Navy Force levels between the Cold War and modern USN aren't particularly helpful when you look at the composition of the ships employed.
To me it's more a numbers game. If we kept up the same number of ships from the Cold War and continued to upgrade them, we'd have more capable ships today. Instead we have far fewer ships and that means we're less able to absorb losses if we were to be involved in a war.
Incorrect: we have more ships of the SAME TYPE, which means we are more able to absorb those losses than we would have been before; the loss of a single CGNs and a couple of Tico cruisers would have seriously compromised the Navy's planning in 1985; in 2005, you'd have to sink at least ten Aegis destroyers to cause the same disruption, and the Arleigh Burkes are considerably harder targets.
You need to re-check your numbers. Other than a minor bump in Destroyers and tripling of Mine Warfare ships, we have FEWER ships as stated before and we are less able to absorb losses.

Dates being used: End of Cold War, 1991. 2005 is 4 years into the War on Terror. These stats are all from the US Navy.

1991: Cruisers 47 / Destroyers 47 / Frigates 93 / Subs 87 / SSBN 34 / SSGN 22 / Mine Warfare 6 / Amphibious 61 / Aux 112 = 509, not counting a Battleship.
2001: Cruisers 27 / Destroyers 53 / Frigates 35 / Subs 55 / SSBN 18 / SSGN 0 / Mine Warfare 18 / Amphibious 41 / Aux 57 = 304
2005: Cruisers 23 / Destroyers 46 / Frigates 30 / Subs 54 / SSBN 14 / SSGN 4 / Mine Warfare 17 / Amphibious 37 / Aux 45 = 270

And since you and others point out that these ships are more capable and do more bang for the buck, each loss of ship will be felt even MORE.

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In the end, there is one and ONLY one part of Starfleet that was ever considered for dismantling, and Spock lays it out plainly: The dismantling of our space stations and starbases along the Neutral Zone. Nothing else happened; nothing else WOULD have happened. And in the end, we're talking NEGOTIATIONS: it's not even certain that all of those star bases were decommissioned, considering many of them could just as easily be converted to peaceful/scientific purposes anyway.
Spock speaks of starbases and space stations while the Military Aide asks about the whole Starfleet to clarify. The answer is more broad and it tells us that only the Science and Exploration programs will be unaffected. That leaves the all the other programs being affected, including the Military.

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