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Re: Trek BBS RPG: 01 - Rules and Character Posting

Rules: Part 6 - Font, Events, and Action
Game Master (GM) - Bold
Character - (Character Name) - "Quoted speech"
Out of Character - (OC: Italic and bracketed)

During events, the GM sets up the scene.

The away team teleports down to the complex. It's a mess. Who ever attacked it seems to be gone.

If a character wanted more information, he could investigate it by rolling the appropriate Skill+Attribute, in this case Investigation+(Intelligence or Wits). For a person with Investigation at 2 and an Intelligence of 3, they'll roll 5 dice. Every result 7 and up counts as a success. The more successes, the better the outcome.

"Maybe I should check closer."

Roll Investigation + Wits (I'm still playing with the D10 email to GM system will post link later.) The roller and the GM will see the results.

In the case of 0 successes:
There is an unknown field blocking scans.

In the case of 1 success:
(Character) is aware a phaser fight took place.

In the case of 5 successes:
(Character) knows Klingons caused this, and they're over there.

Combat, dodging, even singing works on the same system

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