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Re: Mars One - Unethical?

^ I've actually seen that before. It's loosely described in the medical literature as "engine pox", where an airframe erupts in engine boils covering both wing surfaces, massively increasing wetted area. The condition is apparently curable by embedding lots of low bypass engines in the wing, or underneath, where the organism has a chance of lifting an enormous payload and going to high mach.

As an aside, for pure power to weight ratio to drive a propeller or fan blades, nothing can touch a rocket turbopump divorced from the pump, though you pay a heavy penalty in fuel weight because you have to carry liquid oxidizer. The gain is so significant (perhaps a hundredfold over a piston engine, mayebe 10 or 20 to one with gearing and propellers) that I'm surprised we didn't use it back in the 1950's instead of JATO units, but I assume the expense and difficulty of making a turbopump ruled it out.
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