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Re: Trek BBS RPG: 01 - Rules and Character Posting

Rules: Part 5 - Other Traits and Experience
For the first game, will skip Merits and Flaws. Size will be 5 for everyone. I (or the next GM) will expand on bonuses and flaws for each species (maybe Size 6 for Klingons with an anger management flaw that requires a D10 roll of a 6 or better to not attack someone who insulted him) but we'll see how the first game goes. Speed = Strength + Dexterity. Initiative = Dexterity + Composure. Defense = The lowest of Dexterity or Wits. Armor = 0 for the first game, standard starfleet issued uniforms. Health = Stamina + Size (fill in the dots, 'X' the boxes as character receives damage). Willpower = Resolve + Composure. Morality starts at 7 (fill in the dots) and you can lose or gain morality depending on immoral or moral behavior. Experience starts at 0.

Willpower may be spent ('X' the box) to add +3 dice to a roll (one Willpower per turn).

After each session (daily), your character (if he participates) will gain Experience determined by the GM. You can spend experience during Down-Time (not in battle or during a mission).

Experience Point Costs

Attribute --------- New dot x 5
Skill ---------------- New dot x 3
Skill Specialty --- 3 points
Morality ---------- New dot x 3

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