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Trek BBS RPG: 01 - Rules and Character Posting

This is a set up for a Trek BBS Role-Playing Game (RPG). It will be World of Darkness (WoD) based for those who want to read the Core Book
but the rules have been tweaked for an easy setup. It'll be easier for those who haven't role played before. This thread covers the rules, character postings, and questions. The game will be located here-

(Game thread not created yet, but feel free to create a character now.)

The setting for the first game will be on the USS Exceptional (Constitution-Class). The year is 2267 (TOS) and the ship and crew will be tasked with seeking out new life and new civilizations.

The point of an RPG is to interact as a character. Some settings will only require a poster to conversate (Down-Time), saying what your character would say. Respond to posts as well. Think of it as an episode of Star Trek during their meals or bridge horse-play scenes. The game will start in this manner (the date will be posted after we find a group), where characters will talk about their pasts in the mess hall. I'll go into more details of how Action/Combat/Skill scenes work in a bit. To any seasoned RPG'r, feel free to help.

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