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Re: Space Station Jefferies

Here are a couple of views that you would have out of the inner ring windows I'm planning. First, a view from the lower half of the upper ring, looking down the stack toward the docking bay:

Next, a view from the upper half of the lower ring, looking up the stack:

As you can see, an office on the inner ring would feature spectacular views; especially once the model is finished.

In answer to Potemkin Prod's question: I'm using Strata Design 3D.

As for Mr. Comsol's point about the cross section: I believe them to be the spokes. As you can see, they are only three decks thick; but based on the size of the rings, I make the rims of them out to be six decks thick. The spokes are dimensioned in the drawing as only 35 feet thick; while the complete rings are called out at 100 feet thick.

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