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Re: And now The Newsroom....

Good episode but, really, the 2012 election cycle is what the season was about instead of this nonsense with the Genoa storyline we knew was going to go nowhere. I'm surprised it took so much for them to notice the discontinuity in the play clock on the game as soon as we were shown the game was going to be in the shot I knew that'd be the undoing of the whole thing through some discontinuity and, of course, I knew it'd finally happen in this episode with Mac (a middle-aged woman who has certainly seen American professional sports in her life especially if she once dated Will) asking about the timers on the game Will was watching.

And finally an episode with some more Will being Will in it and some great stuff with him. Too bad it took nearly the whole damn season for him to really "be there" as -as I've said before- he's been too in the background this season.

And yay for more Sorority Girl!

I just wish the season spent more time making commentary on the 2012 election and other events of that time frame rather than this Genoa thing. I mean the "Other 47%" thing was glanced at this episode and, heck, a lot could have been said about the debate performances and the whole "Dropping the mike" moment for Obama in the second debate.

This season has let me down, really, after the first.
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