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Re: Most Attractive Female - TNG Movies

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Of the options I went for the Borg Queen. I do agree the Trill was rather lovely though.

Plus, she's part of the funniest bit of Insurrection, because it's such wonderful egotism on Frakes part as director. "Now, in this scene I want you to look at Commander Riker as if he's the greatest, sexiest, most machioist manliest man in the galaxy. The way he plays with that old atari joystick should get make you like the lake we find the holoship in-soaking. yep, that's it. That's the look. Just one more take..."
Justified in-universe, as he's the goddamn Will Riker!

But, yeah. If there's a more genuinely erotic moment in all of Trek, I can't think of it offhand.
Hmm. Maybe I do need to watch Insurrection one more time.
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