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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 81: Douchey Moves

Thanks for the Winning™!!!!

Worf: You are lucky we are not on Kronos Ferengi!
Quark: Why's that?
Worf: I would enact the Qu'Cho!
Quark:What's that?
Dax: That's where the man presents the testicales of his love's former suitors to her as a gift of courtship.

Kasidy: Hey honey wake up! Doctor Bashier got that bowel obstruction out!

Sisko: You're never cooking again!

My eyes are up here Weyoun!

Momentarly forgetting she was no longer a man, Dax slapped Kira playfully on the ass while making kissing sounds...

Sisko: Quark, this is absoulutly the last time you try to run a Rub and Tug in the sickbay!

Quark: I'm sorry captain, I didn't know that Pah'Lowzian was a man, I couldn't tell!!!

Sisko: Neither could I!

Otto(Mumbling): If that's what you have to tell yourself...

Sisko: What was that Constable?

Otto: I'll have him in front of the magistrate first thing in the morning Captain!

Sisko: Alright then!
Sokath - his eyes uncovered.

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