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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 81: Douchey Moves

Thanks for the win!

Worf: So I know nothing of Klingon women...
Quark: Which is funny being I've been in the pants of more Klingons than you have.

Sisko: I see dead people!
Joesph: I wish people would stop confusing me with that Cartwright person...

Weyoun: You have been found guilty of terrorism. The death sentence will be suspended however, if you pay the Founder Odo daily... conjugal visits.

Dax: So... the religious icon Bareil, the leader of Bajor Shakaar, and now a member of the ruling caste of the Dominion... you do love powerful men.
Kira: I would never fall for Dukat.
Dax: I was talking about Odo.

Quark: You know Commander, your Ferderation legal system makes this too easy. This fascist has never read me my rights or gotten me a lawyer. Why do you think I'm back without any legal hassle every week?
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