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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 81: Douchey Moves

WORF: Do you smell that Quark? It's the scent of frightened prey!
QUARK: I think that's just me.

CASSIDY: Now that that's finally over, we can move on with our lives and not deal with all this Prophet stuff anymore. Right Ben?

WEYOUN: You must tell me one day, Major Kira, what it is like to bang a God.

DAX: Hey, have you ever thought of abusing your relationship with Shakaar to get special privileges, like rare vintage Bajoran wines and stuff?
KIRA: No, of course not! Now on an unrelated topic...I have to go...wash my hair.

QUARK: Next time you slap me on the wrist can we go without the smug Odo justice speech?
SISKO: Only if next time we reference Earth we can go without the smug 'Earth history is way more savage than the Ferengi' speech.
QUARK: Okay. Everybody gets to make speeches.
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