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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

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Yes... there Sierra Leone thing is just that they may still have had copies in 1990, but definitely didn't in 2000 (approx). It's most likely that they were destroyed during the war, possible that they were already go e, remotely possible that some might have been salvaged... but probably not. And almost certainly not the entire lot (which would only be 22 episodes anyway).
We would be sitting on 88 missing episodes instead of 106...
84, as it would have included Smugglers.
Yep, it would still have been a wonderful find... a bit over 20% of the missing episodes, including five entirely missing (as Galaxy 4 3 hadn't been found then) stories. But it didn't work out.
I included the Smugglers, but left out Galaxy 4 3 and The Celestial Toymaker 1 2 3.

We might also have had complete copies of The War Machines 3 & 4!
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