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Re: Theory About Why Most Don't Care for Enterprise as Much...

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Part of my problem with ENT was in the places it was able to do things differently than the other series, by virtue of being a prequel, it didn't. The photonic torpedoes are a prime example. Turns out of you add "-ic" to anything, it makes it more primitive. Somehow.

I've always thought it would be interesting, as opposed to later series, if the missiles were the main weapon, and the energy weapons were primarily used as a means of intercepting them, as well as larger space debris. Later, as energy weapons became more advanced, they supplanted projectiles as the primary weapon. Then, you could also ditch hull-plating/shields, and make it so if the ship is damaged, she's really damaged.
Thank UPN for demanding that. They didn't want it to be a true prequel or too different from the other Trek shows, so that's how we got off-brand versions of familiar Trek tech.
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