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Re: Why the lack of Classic characters?

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As for old companions, I think Jamie should return for one episode outside the 50th. The doctor and his assistant at the time would go to Scotland somewhere in the lifespan of Jamie's, and the Doctor would bump into him as an old man, but of course after the events of the War Games, Jamie has no memory of the doctor, plus he's regenerated like ten times since their last meeting. The episode would go with the doctor becoming a bit emotional in the episode, and Jamie isn't the nicest guy to him as some war has made him a bit more bitter. But a bit like the Master in Utopia, he starts to get flashbacks of his time in the TARDIS (plus we get to see old scenes from the sixties!!!!!). The episode would be a little bit like that Van Gogh one, you know, more emotional and such. Eventually, some alien or threat (maybe a full historical episode?) end up with Jamie getting shot or something, and he dies in the Doctors arms, and in the last moments remembers the Doctor and everything. Then Jamie dies in the Doctors arms and the doctor starts crying. So yeah, basically it would be a very emotional episode and a good nod to the classic series.
I plotted out a PDA about a decade ago that was very similar to this. Jamie, now in his mid-fifties, lives in Revolutionary New York City while it's under British occupation. He and the sixth Doctor find themselves on opposite sides; Jamie has become a staunch Loyalist (he remembers how close he came to dying at Culloden), while the sixth Doctor, who sides with upsetting the old order, sides with the rebelling colonials. Jamie never remembers that he traveled with the second Doctor or met the sixth Doctor.
Sounds an awful lot like that comic DianKra mentioned.
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