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Re: Most Attractive Female

I agree with some of the earlier posters, T'Pol seemed too artificial. Too many scenes she acted like a "I know I'm hot girl". She was only the 3rd best main cast Vulcan (... out of three). The artificialness and the acting of T'Pol turned me off. She was better than Kristianna Loken as the T-X in Terminator 3 though (my other benchmark for mediocre to bad acting by a model in a major franchise). She made Robert Patrick look like Patrick Stewart or Ian McKellen (most of the Terminator acting is based on the looks in the eyes and delivery, not in personality. Patrick played the almost archetypal hunter very well. He could've sunk that movie upon re-watching with a lousy performance but he did better than even Schwarzenegger did in Terminator 1 in terms of acting). She helped torpedo that movie (along with other issues). Voted Hoshi because she seemed the best all around. She seemed to be a case of the archetypal Ezri done right (nervous, uneasy about being there, short too). She was more determined than she seemed (as most prominently seen in her MU version) and was quite skilled in her field. She also came off as friendly, at least to those she let her guard down around.

Cutler, as others noted, it's hard to separate the actress' early death from the character. I tried to, but I can't see the character without seeing, well, knowing that at the same time.
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