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Re: Imagine the TOS Starfleet

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Actually, we do not know from TOS (!) whether some of the starships you listed there actually belonged to the Constitution Class.
Er, if you look at what I wrote again, you'll see that I only listed the eight ships as Constitution class that were visually seen as such in the show.
That's not the point. You wrote "Solely from information from TOS, we know: ... (Constitution Class)"

I don't know how you think you/we "know" that some of the starships you listed belong to the "Constitution Class".

All I do know "solely from information from TOS" is that the TOS Enterprise belongs to the "U.S.S. Enterprise Starship Class" according to the bridge plaque.

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Where you have my undivided attention are the NCC-registries of "NCC-1864" and NCC-1897" from the starship status chart in "Court-Martial".
With the HD screencap that I used, they looked very much like 1864 and 1897.
I see, so I assume you consider the possibility that it also could be "16" instead of "18"? I wish we had some real high resolution scan of the original negative to settle this uncertainty.

@ Praetor

The merchant marine uniform of the Antares popped up later during TOS and exactly where you'd expect to see such a uniform - on Space Station K-7

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