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Re: Photo request -- Enterprise hangar deck studio miniature

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Specifically, things on different planes will "move" relative to other structures.
I am aware of the distortions created by different shooting angles and the use of different lenses.

But here is, again, what is apparently the original VFX model prior to last minute additions (signage, equipment [?] box):

And here is the color close-up that is supposedly a shot of the same and original VFX model:

In the color shot the photpgrapher has moved closer to the port side wall and logically the inner shuttlebay wall is now shielding parts of the embayments from our view.

But the long embayment is not nearly deep enough to enable the inner shuttlebay wall to possibly shield that much of this embayment (and to get this close to the "Warning Fire" sign), IMO.
Also, in the original shot the "Elevators" black direction arrow is outside the white text field while in the close-up shot it is inside the white text field!
Happened to find this thread while googling for shuttlebay pictures, so let me put an end to the speculation - the two close-up color "photos" of the sides of the shuttlebay are definitely from my shuttlebay rendering for William McCullars' article about TOS filming miniatures in Star Trek Communicator #133, published in 2001. I didn't know it had been used anywhere else.

It was a pretty good recreation, but by no means perfect, as this debate illustrates.

Petri Blomqvist
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