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Re: Fact-Checking Inside Star Trek: The Real Story

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As for the cheesy title, I always figured it was a take on "Donovan's Brain." Maybe it was meant to be changed later, but not all of Star Trek's titles were amazing.
That's possible. de Forest Research advised the production to change the title on two occasions (the first is quoted below) because of the similarity, but 'Spock's Brain' ultimately stayed.

TITLE – As indicated by writer, recommend title change be considered. One of the ‘classic’ science fiction films is Donovan’s Brain, produced in 1953 from a novel by Curt Siodmak. This film details the keeping alive of the brain of a scientist who has been accidentally killed.
And, hey, just for fun, from the same report:

PREMISE – The basic premise of this story, namely that a human brain is vastly more efficient than a computer complex for organizing and maintaining the life support systems of this underground settlement, is untenable even by present day computer technology. It is now evident that computers that think as humans think can be built given sufficient funds. Suggest the need for the brain might be effectively used to indicate a failure or ‘short circuit’ in the technological development of the planet.
(It should be noted that notes like this broadly criticizing the premise or even suggesting a title change are very rare in the de Forest Research reports for the series).
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