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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

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Heh...the one thing I noticed throughout the entire firefight is that nobody seemed to get hit. They were flinging some serious lead at each other, particularly from the outlaw side, and the only things that seemed to take any damage were the doors and fenders on on Hank's SUV. Hell, the scatter pattern from that full-auto 12 gauge should have cut both DEA guys down in the first 5 seconds.
True, but to be fair Breaking Bad has always been a little bit theatrical like that, and played fast and loose with reality at times (like Walt blowing up Tuco's place without somehow dying in the process, or Gus surviving the nursing home explosion long enough to walk out with half a face).

So the fact this resembles more an action movie shootout than something in real life I can live with. As long as they don't have Hank miraculously surviving the entire thing.
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