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Re: Was the Enterprise A actually the Yorktown?

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Which completely goes against the creator intent here. They clearly intended it to be the Enterprise's bridge, and budgetary concerns prevented it from being wholly accurate.
Agreed, the TNG producers (none from the original production) probably intended this to be the TOS Enterprise's bridge, but since the intentions of the original creators are considered null and void because onscreen "canon" takes precedence, so are the intentions of the next-gen producers.

Or would you seriously say, that your kids know better than yourself why you were doing something when they were still babies in the cradle?

Next-gen canon did not deliver the evidence that the TOS Enterprise is a Constitution Class ship, just more conjectural assumptions.

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The rationalizations to justify it as a rationalization are most amusing though.
I'm glad you had a good time. It's nitpicky, yes, but if we are made to believe an assumption becomes "fact" than an in-depth analysis is warranted, IMHO.

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Speaking for myself, I have an easier time dismissing background details from when the series and its universe was still in flux (UESPA vs. Star Fleet, Earth vs. the Federation, and exactly what the devil "class" actually meant) than I do when the universe was fully developed and realized. In the early days of the show, they didn't have these details settled at all, and I find it faintly ridiculous to uphold the unsettled details as divine truth over the settled ones.
There is a new an interesting thread that deals exactly with these issues and suggests we are looking at an evolution into what becomes Star Fleet. All the details had admittedly not been settled yet, but one that had been settled from the very first episode on is that the TOS Enterprise belonged to the "(Enterprise) Starship Class" according to the bridge plaque.

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