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Re: The Single Worst Line of Dialogue in the entire Star Trek Franchis

Yeah. I mean, sure with all the post-apocalyptic horror nobody wanted to watch television for a while there, but once that was all sorted, surely all kinds of new fancy technologies would make staged entertainment of any kind more enjoyable? If VGR's any indication, someone's in the habit of holo-converting some of our 20th century classics. I believe Harry named "To Catch a Thief" as one such film.

The one reason that I can see TV as we know it disappearing is because of the exodus of humanity to the stars - but within our lifetimes we're already seeing a marked shift towards the on-demand market, which could easily still work in the future.

"It's not interesting to us anymore" is stupid. It probably wouldn't be to one of us Trekkies who was transported to the future, sure. We'd be busy trying to get into Starfleet Academy.
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