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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

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But once Hank went Johnny Law on Walt, I started to think things were wrapping up too neatly. How did Hank get so confident about putting Walt away all of a sudden? On the testimony of Jesse as a cooperating witness? Jesse wasn't arrested or advised of his rights as far as we've seen, there's been no prosecutor involvement, and there is no guarantee of Jesse's future cooperation. The other evidence is circumstantial or obtained illegally. Would putting the cuffs on Walt really be so satisfying if Hank eventually has to watch him walk out of court a free man? For a show that is usually so good about tying up motivations and situations, I'm afraid that didn't ring true. Even less so after the phone call to Marie, which felt like a real "other shoe to drop"-type set-up.
Well I'm no legal expert, but the fact Walt led them to the money he buried would seem to make it a pretty open and closed case. I don't think Hank would really need a court order in order to simply follow him there, and Walt wouldn't be able to argue the money was all just from gambling.

It also verifies that pretty much everything Jesse said in his confession was true.
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