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Re: STAR TREK the enemy of LOST IN SPACE?

I remember that when the Allen shows got repeated by BBC 2 (for The Time Tunnel) and Channel 4 (everything else) as part of the great '60's nostalgia kick back in the '90's (resulting in weird things like the original Randall and Hopkirk being better and more fondly remembered by people my age thanks to getting fully networked in a decent-for-kids timeslot as opposed to its rather half arsed all round the houses of the ITV regions original run) Lost in Space didn't go down nearly as well as any of the others did with me and my school friends.

Now, maybe the early episodes being B&W had a factor in that, but that didn't stop Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea doing OK on a Sunday lunchtime. I think it's just simply aged really badly, more than his other shows and certainly more than Trek has (the original series was having its own upteenth rerun on BBC2 about the same time as well and always felt much less squirm enducing even in its worst episodes).

Oddly enough the big success was one of his less succesful series in Land of the Giants, perfect Sunday lunch viewing, had the advantage of being repeated around the time of the Beeb's big Burrowers adaptations (so little people were "cool") and the effects and giant props stood up surprisingly well by mid-90's standards. That was always the one that people at school seemed to watch and which got the best reaction.
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