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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

So now we know where Walt "really lives". It should have been obvious to us. Without his family, Walt really has no use for all that money since he will soon be dead, and without the money Walt's family suffers. It did cross my mind that Jesse could have been talking about the money, but I dismissed it because no one knew where the money was except Walt -- ha.

Hank is a good cop. Using the info abut the van obtained from Huell he put together a plan to get Walt to reveal the location of the cash. Totally realistic that Walt would go off the rails and act without thinking when he thought he might lose the second most important of his possessions. I agree with whoever said that Huell knows Walt (the guy who took out Gut Fring) is capable of anything.

Hard for me to see Hank dying with 3 episodes left but it's for sure we're not going to once again see him only wounded. He has also been my favorite character in the show. Marie will be devastated if Hank dies and I wonder if this might finally get Skyler to turn on Walt and her own interests?

It also occurs to me that if Hank and Gomez die, no one at the DEA will know about the investigation. Yeah, does look like it's headed for Walt versus Jack's gang. But somehow. I think, Madrigal and Lydia will figure into it also.

Throughout most of the episode we see Walt still "caring" for Jesse and for Hank. He is one of the most emotionally complex characters I've ever seen.

Pretty creepy how Todd was crushing on Lydia (anyone think he looks a bit like Matt Damon?). I can see it a little. I wonder if this was (or will become) important? Seems weird they'd go to the trouble of showing it to us with just a few episodes left, and then not have any further meaning.

Great episode.
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