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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

Robert Comsol wrote: View Post
So you think that little of the Federation members of Balok's species and our golden-skinned buffet grabbers?
You know, I'm gonna tell Balok and then the Fesarius will reduce the Excelsior to tiny pieces of equal height.

Or is that actually what you're trying to accomplish here so you can study the Excelsior remains in detail?!?

You know, Balok's people may've been overcompensating with the Fesarius.

Also, check out this little nugget. I daresay the guy selling it has the details pretty close to right, so the image is somewhat helpful in imagining the space further.

Also, I enjoy (and agree with) his writeup:

For years, Trek kit builders have lamented the god-awful bay that goes into the secondary hull of the Excelsior 1/1000 kit. ERTL did not even try to get it right and when R2 repopped the kit, they did not fix I did. This is a 2 piece set that just pops right into place. Now, you can have an accurate Excelsior (or Enterprise B) secondary hull. You can see in the Lakota picture how the underbay should look.
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