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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

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Question is, if they all survive this (and we currently have no reason to believe any of them will), and this all goes to trial, how much of Hank's "investigation" can be admissible as evidence? Much of what he has been doing has been under the table. The book he found in Walt's bathroom that kicked this whole thing off was taken by Hank without a warrant. I doubt the writers will do something so mundane as a courtroom drama for the final episode, but Hank HAD to know that none of this would go well in the long run.
It's looking more and more like Walt won't even see the inside of a prison cell. The way things are going, he'll either die in some kind of shootout or take his own life. Or be strangled to death by Marie. Lol

We already got the "big arrest" scene in this episode, so I can't imagine we'll get another one. It would just seem repetitive, coming so soon after the last.
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